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Vehicle fleet monitoring system - what is it, and how does it benefit the customers of a transport and logistics company?

A vehicle fleet monitoring system is software that enables transport and logistics companies to track and manage their trucks.
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Collecting data from various sources, such as GPS devices, electronic logging devices and third-party data providers, monitoring systems deliver valuable insight into vehicle fleet performance to logistics staff and their customers.In this post, we will look at how a vehicle fleet monitoring system can benefit not us as a transport company - but you. The customer.

1. Schedule efficiency. One of the benefits of using a fleet monitoring system is that it can help you optimise your transport schedules and routes. For you, this means that your freight will arrive on time - and along the most cost-effective route.

2. Less wear and tear on vehicles. Fleet monitoring systems can also be used to monitor and schedule vehicle maintenance. By tracking how often and how far vehicles drive, transport companies can ensure that the cars are not worn out to the bones yet. As a result, this helps to extend their lifespan and prevents costly and stressful breakdowns on the road. For both parties!

3. Safety. Monitoring systems are an excellent tool for increasing the safety of both drivers and the loads they carry. If a collision or accident occurs, transport companies can use the data from a fleet monitoring system to locate vehicles and ensure everyone is safe - or respond accordingly. In addition, by knowing the location of their vehicles at all times, it is easier to take steps to avoid accidents or theft hotspots (e.g. during an overnight stop).

4. Full control and peace of mind. For customers entrusting their goods to a transport and logistics company, they must be confident that they are being handled safely and efficiently. A fleet monitoring system provides this peace of mind by responding promptly and substantively to any queries relating to the transport.

At Gólcz™, we take this one step further - by giving individual access to the monitoring system, we provide our partners with complete transparency regarding the status of its transports.In this way, you can track the location of your freight and receive information about it in a real-time manner. That enables us to determine the unloading time accurately - and you to keep an eye on it yourself, without intermediaries. And thus optimise further business steps. A fleet monitoring system is a great way to ensure the safety of both the freight and the drivers who are responsible for it. It is also a quantum leap towards optimising many business activities in numerous company processes.

At Gólcz™, we have been successfully testing the fleet monitoring system for years and are delighted to see the positive evolution of our customers' businesses. Thanks to its benefits to our customers, it has become one of the key factors opening up a straightforward path to success in new markets - especially the most prestigious ones, where everything is ticking like a Swiss watch.To read about another of the success factors - the benefits of having an in-house vehicle service station - jump into our previous article.

Are you looking for an international transport company enabling you to grow confidently and safely in the prestigious markets of BeNeLux and Germany? Let's talk! Together, we will find the best solution for you and your business.

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