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Why Gólcz?

The most important value in Gólcz is mutual respect. That is why each team member - both in the office and on the road - can count on a friendly, friendly atmosphere and recognition in the form of timely payments and attractive extras.
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Payment is always on time

Say goodbye to unfulfilled contracts or payments in installments - in Gólcz you always have the full payment on time.

Clear working hours, loading and unloading

You never know when they will load or unload your shipment? In Gólcz you have it all under control!

Double casts = time to rest

A sufficient amount of rest is a guarantee of your driving comfort - and reaching your destination on time.

Full training package - Akademia Go Team

You just have the basics - in Gólcz we will teach you Eco-Driving and systems that make the driver's life easier

The choice of the work system and the car assigned to the driver

2/2, 2/1, 3/1 or maybe 4/1? Work the way you like - and come home on the weekends you want.

Understandable and specific employment contract

Zero tricks - only clear rules of cooperation, guaranteeing peace of mind and safety.

Efficient and neat, high-quality cars equipped with modern communication equipment

We treat our cars with the utmost seriousness - we always hand them over to you clean, tidy and safe.

High earnings

An optimal work system is not only about convenience - but also a guarantee of high earnings!
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Freight Forwarder / New Business

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Are you a shipping specialist and want to manage a fleet on international routes of BeNeLux and Germany? Join the close-knit Gólcz team!
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International C + E driver

Міжнародний водій C + E
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Looking for a job as a driver with an established, reliable company? Join the Go Team and feel the difference in convenience and job security.
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Do you have experience in full accounting and preparation of financial statements? Join our team at the office!
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It's easier than you think

Quick recruitment

You are only 2 weeks away from joining our team.
We couldn't be more proud!
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1. You submit a ticket

2. We call to get to know each other better

3. We meet live and sign a contract

4. We train you at the Gólcz Academy

5. You go on tour as one of us - Go Team!

Gólcz Academy
Double crews of drivers. Own services and repair workshop. Fleet monitoring system. Dedicated account manager. Grabowno, Pila, Bydgoszcz, Poznań, Greater Poland. driver

4 days for full knowledge and skills of an international driver.

Each new Go Team driver, before he gets the wheel of the Gólcz truck, is trained in the following areas: using telematics systems, using the advanced GPS Transics system, handling shipping documents, transport protocols and occupational health and safety. We support driving culture and teach EcoDriving. Akademia Gólcz is completed with a test and matching of the car and driver by the manager of our stationary workshop.
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Meet the Go Team - the Gólcz team

The success of our clients, members of Go Leaders, is our most important goal.
See who is behind its implementation.
Sebastian Gólcz
Mariusz Michałowski
Aliona Koulikova
Marek Gólcz
Marcin Hermann
Krzysztof Zomerfeld

Organization and culture of work in Gólcz

Process optimization

We set our standards according to the values we believe in - and continuously optimize the processes that lead us to perfection.

Healthy relationships

We create a healthy, friendly and inviting work environment - read more about it in the WORK CULTURE tab.

Direct contact

We always focus on direct and honest contact. Not only with each other, but also with clients, and members of Go Leaders.

Attention to detail

We pay attention to details - from order in the documentation, through training of our drivers, to a tidy fleet.

Do you want to join the Go Team?

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