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The Benefits and Advantages of Dual Driver Staffing in International Transport

In international transport, many factors determine the smooth running of an operation. One of the most important aspects is the staff: the drivers, who - although they are the last link in the supply chain - are the ones who deliver the freight on time.
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At Gólcz™, most drivers work in a strict system that is rare in the TSL industry: double staffing with plenty of time for rest. As our statistics and satisfied contractors have confirmed over the years - this is a profitable approach for all parties involved.

But why? What makes dual driver staffing better for both transport companies and their customers—not to mention the drivers themselves?

Let's take a look at the benefits of implementing dual driver staffing versus single drivers - which directly translate into an advantage for our customers in the overseas markets of Germany and BeNeLux.

Improved Safety Safety is the number one priority when it comes to international transport. The risk of accidents increases with longer trips and exhaustion due to long hours behind the wheel. With dual-driver staffing, two drivers are able to rotate shifts more frequently than with single-driver staffing. This allows for shorter shift lengths and reduces the risk of fatigue-related accidents by ensuring that each driver has adequate rest before returning to the road. It also eliminates the need for drivers to break traffic laws in order to meet tight deadlines.

Better Service for Customers Dual-driver staffing also improves service levels for customers in terms of both safety and efficiency. With two drivers onboard, companies are able to provide faster delivery times by having one driver drive while the other rests. They can also plan routes more effectively, resulting in fewer delays and lower costs associated with fuel consumption, repairs, and vehicle maintenance. Additionally, customers benefit from increased flexibility as they are able to move shipments faster without compromising safety or quality of service.

Improved Working Conditions for Drivers International transport can be challenging due to long hours spent on the road away from family and friends. Dual driver staffing helps make this burden easier for drivers as it allows them to share driving duties with another person who can provide companionship on long trips. It also provides more opportunities for rest stops between destinations, giving drivers a much-needed break from their arduous tasks and time off from driving responsibilities.

Additionally, dual-driver staffing can help reduce stress levels which in turn leads to better performance and increases job satisfaction among employees overall. Furthermore, improved working conditions lead directly to enhanced job retention rates since employees have less incentive to leave their current positions when they are offered increased benefits or improved working conditions such as those provided by dual-driver staffings arrangements compared with single-driver staffings ones.

Some of our best drivers, Łukasz and Agnieszka, who as a married couple have been working double staff for 20 years, are a great example. Read more about them here. Dual driver staffing in international transport is not only the preferred system at Gólcz™ but also the prevailing one due to the numerous benefits for all parties involved. By reducing driver fatigue and improving efficiency, double-staffed drivers enable us to deliver more goods in a shorter time while still providing excellent customer service.

For these reasons, taking advantage of the opportunity to transport goods with double-manned drivers is a perfect solution for those looking to improve and strengthen their position in the market - and also a great reason for C+E international drivers to choose to work for us!

Are you looking for an international transport company enabling you to grow confidently and safely in the prestigious markets of BeNeLux and Germany?Let's talk! Together, we will find the best solution for you and your business.

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