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Meet Mariusz - transport manager in Gólcz™

Mariusz - the transport manager - is a man who is not only multi-talented but also in charge of special tasks. We take a closer look at what does his daily work look like? What does it require? And above all - what does he get in return?
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Mariusz - what exactly do you do in the company? What does your job entail?

I'm Gólcz's transport manager. This position means a wide range of tasks in such a far-reaching company. I manage its flow from scheduling truck dispatches through direct contact with drivers to new customer negotiations.

What does your typical working day look like? And how do you feel about your team?

There is no such thing as a typical day - because no day is the same! [laugh] There's constantly something going on. But the truth is that it's addictive. And although it requires a lot of flexibility and quick adaptation, it's incredibly rewarding.

On top of that - even though my work is purely stationary - I have daily contact with a vast group of people from all over Poland and many countries beyond. I'm constantly meeting and talking to someone. With some (although we have never met in person), we know each other so well that we understand each other at a glance.

It makes daily work not only easier but also more enjoyable. And about my team? Looking back at the last 5 years of my work period, I can tell that we spend so much time together that we're like a second family now. Thanks to the good and healthy relationships, the atmosphere is clean and encouraging to work. Although we make no secret that for all of us in the team, it's important to keep the work-life balance and separate work from private life.

What do you value your work for?

For the satisfaction and opportunities, it gives me. Sounds cliche? But it's true! I previously spent nine years abroad as a leader and distribution manager. In such a job, you reach a glass ceiling sooner or later - the opportunities for development end and satisfaction drops... Until it ends completely. And here? There are so many growth opportunities that it's almost impossible to reach the wall!I'm very fulfilled in what I do.

I don't have one issue or function here that I could get bored with after 2 hours. It's not a band-aid job. Of course, the salary is also important - but this aspect of testing myself in new situations and discovering aptitudes attracts me the most. I also really appreciate the working environment. Grabówno is a small town - although our office is modern, I don't feel the effect of being locked in a glassy, corporate office building. Being able to take a walk in the fresh air and air my head at any time during the day is priceless.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

Outside of my work in Gólcz, I still fulfil myself socially on the borough council and am active in the local cultural community. It keeps me busy all year round!

In your opinion, what should a future Gólcz office worker be like?

First and foremost, he or she should be able to multitask and adapt to dynamic changes. By that, I mean changes both in the mode of work itself and in how we work daily. This is quite a workout in flexibility for the brain! Luckily, our innate Polish universalism comes in very handy here.

But there are also plenty of benefits in return - Gólcz™ opens up ways to discover and fulfil one's potential. Working as part of the Gólcz™ office team allows you to train in foreign languages, deal with foreign clients (without leaving the country!), negotiate... Opportunities abound.

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